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New Age After School Club

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Our assessments are unique in that they produce results which outline how your child is doing in specific topics and help create a personalised action plan unique to your child. Dedicated to helping Ethiopians/speakers of English as a second language develop spoken English mastery.

A training centre for Spoken English and Communication Skill mastery for speakers of English as a second language.

We have a unique method of teaching Spoken English.

We have built tools and strategies that can easily shift Written English skills to Spoken English mastery.
On top of the traditional methods of teaching spoken English, we have added Mind retraining programme to enable learners of English to adapt the new way of speaking English and break the old habit of producing English sounds and also the influence of native language ( mother tongue) speech patterns. Not only this but our training helps learners to start to think in English so there won't be mind translation that inhibits the natural flow of spoken language.

Our coaches have worked with individuals and groups around the world. We have closely studied learners of English from countries like Ethiopia, Spain, China, Eritrea, Somalia, France and we can easily help the pronunciation mistakes that could possibly be a common challenge.