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Mama Vic's Plantain Parlour

A distinctly African flavour


The ethos of Mama’s is soul food, cooked slow and served fast. While this may look like a fast-food joint, the chicken is gently oven-grilled and stews and rice dishes are lovingly prepared to Mama’s own recipes: mostly Nigerian but with a Caribbean twist. You’ll find goat curry, jerk chicken and BBQ wings, stewed oxtail, fufu and yam porridge on the menu, not to mention Mama’s dumplings and her sauce, made to a secret recipe. Delicious sweet fried plantain accompanies the meat dishes, alongside jollof rice, a West African favourite where rice is combined with tomatoes, onion and spices.

Mama is originally from Nigeria, but has lived in Hackney for over thirty years with her family. And the family are very much part of the equation, helping to cook and serve soul food to the Dalston regulars.