Flukeproductions Recording Studio London

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From a few notes on paper to a professional sound recording - make it happen at Flukeproductions Recording Studio London. Our experienced producer works with singer-songwriters, vocalists, hip-hop artists and bands to bring out the best in their work.

Our London Recording Studios sound better...

State-of-the-art equipment. World-class producer. Relaxing surroundings. Every recording studio in London has these things. flukeproductions has a lot more. We're known for our ability to get the best from your voice, create backing tracks, lay down beats, and make your recording experience smooth and simple.

Make it happen...

Some of the best productions are unexpected, and our small, private studio is ideal for singers, rappers and bands with any level of recording experience. To hire our London Recording Studio, Prices start at £170/day and you'll get whatever you need, from composition to remixes and vocal coaching, from heavy rock to classical jazz. You've got it - make it happen.