About Hackney Co-operative Developments

We empower the people of Hackney to transform their lives for the better

Hackney Co-operative Developments (HCD) is a local community economic development agency with membership open to all those who subscribe to its cooperative goals and values.

HCD works within our local community to explore ideas and opportunities to create a sustainable environment for Hackney's communities to flourish.

We support the creation and growth of co-operatives and social enterprises through programmes such as our Pioneering Social Enterprise in Hackney initiative and use our agency role to network and connect organisations so that the movement can work together to grow the locally-owned social economy in our borough.

We provide affordable workspace to a range of social and ethical organisations, local start-ups, cultural entrepreneurs, and creative professionals, playing an important role in Hackney's business ecosystem and ongoing urban regeneration.

At Gillett Square, we lead the animation of this unique community-led public space in the heart of Dalston, East London, where an incredibly diverse range of people can meet on common ground. Our programming of community and cultural events plays a key role in the socially cohesive regeneration of this rapidly changing area of Dalston and, at the same time, works to retain its diversity and showcase its creativity.

HCD Impact Report 2021-2022