Announcing our new interim Chief Executive Officer

HCD is proud to announce the appointment of its new Interim Chief Executive Officer

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The General Council of Hackney welcomes Dr Simon Dancey as the Interim Chief Executive Officer.


I would like to announce that Anthonia Onigbode, our Chief Operating and Financial Officer (COFO), will take a well-deserved sabbatical year starting December 2023. Over the past four years, Anthonia added overall responsibility for HCD on top of her role as CFO.  

As joint CEO and CFO Anthonia steered the organisation through a tumultuous and challenging period. 

During Anthonia's leadership of the organisation, HCD weathered the disruption delivered by Covid and oversaw the completion of our largest ever development project, the magnificent Dalston Works, which I was proud to open with the former major earlier this year.   After 30 years of life at the centre of HCD Anthonia needs to recharge and wants to enjoy some quieter time with her partner Yemi.

We wish her a restful and rejuvenating sabbatical and look forward to welcoming her back at the end of next year.

During Anthonia's absence, we are very fortunate to have Dr Simon Dancey stepping in as our Interim CEO. Simon brings a wealth of skills, experience and expertise to the role.   Simon has worked in the cultural sector for 25 years as a community activist, musician, music producer, events manager, academic, and researcher at the University of the Arts. During that time, has pioneered some remarkable and innovative projects in the field of education, diversity and skills building.  He is well-known within the Welsh music scene.   I extend a warm welcome to Simon and very much look forward to working with him.  

On behalf of the board of HCD, the amazing HCD staff and all our tenants and stakeholders I would like to express my enormous gratitude to Anthonia for her dedicated service with HCD and wish her a restful and productive sabbatical year. The board appreciate everyone's continued commitment to our mission and vision during this period of transition.

Rod Campbell-Taylor Chair HCD


Dr ST Dancey - I am honoured to announce my appointment today as the CEO of Hackney Cooperative Developments, a role that aligns closely with my commitment to fostering sustainable and community-driven social enterprise models. With a rich
background in community development, education and international research, I have a track record of developing and delivering collaborative ventures and a passion for empowering local communities. I am eager to bring these skills to help in promoting cooperative enterprises within the vibrant community of Hackney.
Throughout my career, I have championed the principles of inclusivity, transparency,
and community ownership., I have consistently sought innovative solutions that
prioritize the well-being of both businesses and their communities. As I step into this new role, I am dedicated to leveraging my expertise in various leadership capacities, including as former CEO of the UK Skills Council, University Assistant Deputy Vice-Chancellor and British Council Global Research Director, to propel Hackney Cooperative Developments to new heights, driving economic resilience and social impact in the heart of Hackney. Together with the talented team at HCD and the community, I am confident that we will forge a path towards a more equitable and cooperative future for all stakeholders involved.