Working With Voice

By working on different aspect of your voice you can ensure that you always make a memorable and positive vocal impression.

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Working With Voice provides voice training for people in all areas of vocal use from speaking to singing, for daily life or the stage. Dolly May is passionate and knowledgable teacher who is deeply curious about the voice and the way it works.

Lessons are taught 1-1 and are designed around you to meet your personal vocal goals.

WHO is voice coaching for?
Vocal training is for anyone who uses their voice. Whether professionally or not your voice goes before you, introducing you to the world.

WHAT is voice coaching?
Voice coaching uses simple yet powerful exercises on breath, posture, tone, projection and articulation, which will enable you to develop the way you use your voice.

WHY work with a voice coach?
A voice coach is trained to identify which areas of your voice need work, and will then give you the appropriate exercises and support to develop that aspect. They will show you how to get the most out of your voice and use it in a healthy way.