The Hoopermarket

We sell hoops. Not just any hoops: THE BEST HOOPS.


The Hoopermarket is the place for solid, beautiful hoola hoops that will impress a crowd and twirl day after day, guaranteed.

Hooping is super fun AND will get you fit too! The Hoopermarket is stocked with hoops designed for adults—big enough to make you feel like a kid again. These hoops have been crafted with love. They are evenly weighted and have a sealed join so you can spin them as fast as you like and they’ll never break.

We’ve got Fitness Hoops, Pearl Hoops, Glitter HoopsGrip Tape Hoops and in all RAD colours. Pick your favourite and go have fun!

The Hoopermarket is run by 3 time Guinness World Record holder, Marawa The Amazing: world famous hoola hoop champion, coach to London’s Majorettes and hero to hoopers everywhere! She has the world record for spinning 160 hoops at once. Fact.

Now get hooping!