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Hackney has a growing cooperative and social enterprise sector

With over £350 million in assets, the local cooperative and social enterprise sector in Hackney comprises over 450 social enterprises and is actively engaged in ensuring local social and economic resilience.

We support the development of cooperatives and social enterprises in Hackney. We realise that social enterprises employ more staff, are more agile, last longer, and are more innovative than ordinary businesses.

Check out the State of Social Enterprise reports published by Social Enterprise UK for details about how important social enterprises are in our economy and social life.

Our support for social entrepreneurs and cooperatives includes:

  • Bespoke coaching and mentoring especially offering advice and support with start-ups
  • Training and learning including study circles
  • Networking offering fortnightly online networking events

Contact Douglas Racionzer at HCD for more details: d.racionzer@hcd.coop

Developments in 2021

This year, as we emerge from lockdowns and the multiple crises we have been experiencing, we are able to celebrate the formation of a number of cooperatives and support for the development of others:

Well done to the following:

Hackney Care Cooperative

Equal Care Cooperative

Development Cooperative

Wings Cooperative

Brickless Cooperative

In addition, a number of newly formed social enterprises have emerged in 2021, including:

Red Roots Incubator



The Wisdom of Trauma

Recently HCD supported the London premiere of the Wisdom of Trauma film with Gabor Mate.  The screening was followed by an 8-week study circle.  The study circle participants have between them, started four new social enterprises supporting mental health in the community.


We also have agreed a great collaboration with another cooperative called Fairbnb

If you are already an airbnb host, it's really easy to register with Fairbnb and if you use airbnb as a guest, consider useing Fairbnb instead?  Fairbnb shares its profits with us and we use this income to animate Gillett Square.


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